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Cover Image of Monthly Recap March  🎉

· 2 min read

March was a productive month for us at the Push Ecosystem. We achieved some significant milestones that we’re excited to share with you.

Cover Image of $PUSH tokenomics v2 economic engine ⚡

· 2 min read

Push Protocol is excited to unveil the new economic engine of the $PUSH token. The new tokenomics V2 is designed to align the incentives of the community and the protocol. The new tokenomics will be a game-changer for the Push ecosystem, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Cover Image of Monthly Recap February ⚡

· One min read

Push Adoption is on fire. February marked one of our most successful months, and we’re pushing even harder. We sent more than 2.5 Million Notifications and hit the milestone of 169k subscribers.

Cover Image of How to claim Push Alpha Access NFT

· One min read

Calling all Push Protocol enthusiasts! The wait is over! You can now claim your exclusive Push Alpha Access NFT. This NFT grants you access to a range of exciting benefits within the Push ecosystem, so don't miss out!.

Cover Image of Explaining Push Nodes: Everything You Need To Know

· 4 min read

We’re extremely excited to announce that Push Nodes are here! An all-new decentralized infrastructure for web3’s leading communication layer, the Push Protocol Network. This new and improved decentralized infrastructure for Push is a long-awaited move that we’re only now executing thanks to extensive research and development.

Cover Image of Push Chat message benchmark 💬 ⚡

· 6 min read

Push Chat has been a game-changer for web3 messaging, offering a hassle-free experience for user to user, user to dApp, and group conversations. In essence, Push Chat makes messaging in web3 as seamless as it is in web2. One feature we’ve been working on extensively within Push Chat is change in storage and retreivals of Push chat messages to make them much more faster.

Cover Image of Announcing Decentralize with PUSH Contest

· 2 min read

Calling all Web3 enthusiasts and decentralization dreamers! Push Protocol, the pioneering force behind decentralized notifications and chat, is thrilled to announce their exciting new contest

Cover Image of Monthly Recap January 🎉

· 2 min read

Welcome to this last month's highlights and fresh product launches! From exciting new developments to all-new partnerships, making noteworthy debuts, and honoring our community – it has been a month filled with significant achievements.

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