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    Frequently Asked

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    What is Push?

    Push is the world’s first blockchain-agnostic decentralised communication protocol for Web3. It is an open network for validating and indexing all sorts of communication (notifications, chats, etc) that can then be integrated by any crypto frontend (dApps, wallets, etc).Any smart contract, dApp, or backend service can integrate Push to provide a communication layer through notifications or chats that are tied to the wallet addresses of users.

    What is Push trying to solve?

    What are the web3 communication products launched by Push?

    How can I use Push as an end-user?

    Is Push decentralised?

    On which blockchain is Push deployed? Can I send notifications from non-EVM chains as well?

    How many projects have integrated with Push so far?

    Push Notifications

    Can I integrate notifications on Frontend / Wallet?

    How can I start receiving notifications?

    Do I need a channel to receive notifications?

    Do I need a channel to send notifications?

    Does Push only handle on-chain notifications? Does Push only handles events based notifications?

    Do I have to pay to send notifications?

    What are some use cases of notifications?

    Push Chat

    Is Push Chat end-to-end encrypted?

    How are messages stored in Push Chat?

    Will Push charge messaging fees?

    Does Push Chat have notifications?

    Integrating Push

    How can I integrate Push as a service/developer?

    How can I test Push integration during the development?

    Where can I find the code samples for integration?

    How I can be assisted in case of any blockers during integration?

    Push Governance

    I want to apply for a grant to build on Push Protocol, how can I do this?

    If I have queries about grants where’s the best place to direct them?

    How can I attend PushDAO Calls and Meetings?

    Push Token

    What’s the utility of $PUSH token?

    From where can I get $PUSH?

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