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Push Protocol Monthly Updates: A Look Back at April

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April was a month of significant progress for the Push Ecosystem. We reached new milestones and launched exciting initiatives. We sent out more than 6 Million notifications in April reaching a cumulative 74 Million notifications since the launch and 177K subscribers. The Push journey continues to gain momentum. Here’s a recap of what happened:

Product Updates:

We've made significant strides in our development journey. We successfully deployed our React Native SDK on NPM, simplifying the process for developers to access it. We've also rolled out improved notification settings on app stores, allowing for a more customized user experience.

In our SDK, we introduced a new ChatWidget component and broadened our blockchain support to include Berachain and Polygon Amoy.

Our website has been enhanced with a fresh landing page for the Billion Reasons to Build (BRB) Bootcamp, and we've enhanced the footer for smoother navigation.

We're steadily advancing with new blockchain integrations that are currently under review. We've streamlined our channel addition process by separating it from IPFS, among other improvements. We're in the process of developing support for SCW wallets on our Push SDK.

Our research on the Cross Chain Feature, which enables Ethereum and Layer 2 requests, has been completed and its development is underway. The Push Governance contract has been redesigned to align with the updated OpenZeppelin governance structure. We've managed to reduce the Smart Contract size by 30% and optimize gas fees for key functions like channel creation.

Partnership Updates

We're thrilled to announce new partnerships with amazing projects including Vurse, Rivo, Estate Protocol, and Pistachio Fi to integrate notifications and messaging. We also partnered with Dora Hacks for the Data Economy Hackathon.

Billion Reasons to Build (BRB):

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We took a big step forward in our BRB journey by launching the BRB Bootcamp. This 6-week virtual program is designed to jumpstart your journey as a Web3 builder. You can register here (limited seats available).

Community Engagement:

April was all about building a strong and vibrant community. We hosted a Push Video Contest asking the community to share their experience with Push Protocol. Rewarded the ultra-rare first “Push Chad" role. We held an AMA with Berachain - a modular EVM-compatible L1 blockchain. Partnered with for "The Great Bake Off" campaign.

Ecosystem Highlights:

In April 2024, we featured ENS Domains, Cryptocurrency Jobs, CoinDesk, Aave, and BTC Tracker as the #PushChannelOfTheWeek.

Our team was invited to speak at various side events during Token2049, including Tribe Connect by Buidlers Tribe, Block Vision by Nordek, Hadron Founders Club by Hadron Founders Club & Polygon, DataCon 2024 by dapplooker, DeSoc Unleashed Dubai Edition by Mask Network & Tako Protocol, and Builder Day Dubai by Consensys.

DAO Updates:

We had the pleasure of hosting FactorDAO for an exclusive X space for DAO to DAO Talk. In our ambassador program, we welcomed two new members for Push Protocol in the Spanish Ambassadors community and opened up five additional spots for the Push Protocol Indian Ambassadors community. We've also submitted a proposal "Billion Reasons to Build, Bangkok" to host a builder-centric event at Devcon 2024, aimed at celebrating, engaging, and supporting developers.

In other exciting news, we managed to pass three key votes for the BD subDAO, Grants subDAO, and the DAO Council. This significant achievement has paved the way for the launch of our subDAOs on the first of June. With this, we are thrilled to introduce the community-led Push Grants V3. This new initiative opens up a world of opportunities for grantees to contribute and vote, marking an exciting new phase for Push Grants V3. Our Push DAO V2 Proposal caught the attention of the Messari and was featured there. Check out the Push Governance Forum to stay updated with all the activities in PushDAO.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of the Web3 ecosystem!

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About Push Protocol
Push is the communication protocol of web3. Push protocol enables cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services tied to wallet addresses in an open, gasless, and platform-agnostic fashion. The open communication layer allows any crypto wallet / frontend to tap into the network and get the communication across.

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