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Monthly Recap January 🎉

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Welcome to this last month's highlights and fresh product launches! From exciting new developments to all-new partnerships, making noteworthy debuts, and honoring our community – it has been a month filled with significant achievements. Here’s everything we got up to:


Most notably we launched our Community Based Messaging feature for Group Chats directly on Unstoppable Domains! With this collaboration, every ‘badge’ (NFTs assigned to wallets based on wallet holder status/activity history) will have its own Group Chat. Holding badges allow you to access the respective Group Chat. Try it out for yourself!

We also launched our Live Push Roadmap for 2024. It’s an all-new way to track and follow along with all of our planned developments for the year. Spoiler, there is no shortage of exciting developments to come. We’ll be launching Push Nodes (our final hurdle to achieve full scale decentralization) as well as new MetaMask Snap enhancements.

Frens of Push

Push added several new and exciting partners to its ecosystem in January.

  1. Cookie3: We’re working towards offering targeted user notification segmentation like never before using on-chain data.
  2. Bringing real-time notifications to Rivo users to stay updated with new DeFi strategy listings and receive timely information on price changes, APY adjustments, Risk Score changes, TVL updates
  3. Blockflow: Partnering together to create more seamless and accessible notification infrastructure for builders.

January was one of our most publicized months to date!

  1. In response to our announcement of community based messaging now live on Unstoppable Domains, we received over 70+ pieces of organic coverage including: Cryptonews, ERC-4337 team, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk and many more…
  2. We hosted an exciting Twitter Space along team members, from SOCLLY, Talent Protocol, and Mirror to discuss decentralized social media
  3. We also hosted a Twitter Space on ambassador programs in web3sharing how your project can leverage them too

Community and Governance

We’re going to be expanding our Push India Ambassador program after receiving such great feedback and results from our initial launch in India. Applications are still open!

We featured two exciting devs this last month in our Dev Spotlight series – Avril Gupta and Satyam from the Push team.

All new Push Missions are also available for you to complete! Earn rewards for contributing to web3’s leading communication layer.

BRB India

Both the Ethereum and the Aragon BRBIndia Coding Challenges have been solved and winners announced!

For the Ethereum challenge of quantum proofing the network, we are extremely proud to share that @bisht__13 used account abstraction to solve it. For the Ethereum Network, it just got a major security upgrade.

Similarly for the Aragon challenge of creating a permission management protocol for subDAOs. @plopmenz built two plugins and a UI that now allow both subDAOs and NFT-based permissions using Hats Protocol and Aragon OSx.

Both these winners are a huge testament to the value of the BRBIndia campaign and we couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming solutions for the remaining challenges we are going to discover.

As we wrap up another amazing month at Push, we want to thank all of you for contributing to our success. We look forward to more collaborations, innovations, and shared successes in the month to come. Until next time!

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About Push Protocol
Push is the communication protocol of web3. Push protocol enables cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services tied to wallet addresses in an open, gasless, and platform-agnostic fashion. The open communication layer allows any crypto wallet / frontend to tap into the network and get the communication across.