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Pushing Boundaries in Innovation at ETHGlobal Istanbul with Push Protocol πŸ””

Cover Image of Push x ETHGlobal Istanbul - Enhance Your UX and Win $10k in Bounties

Hackers of ETHGlobal Istanbul, your creativity has shone brightly!

As the echoes of November's web3 and blockchain innovation fade in Istanbul, we are thrilled to have witnessed such extraordinary talent. From innovative bounties to inspiring workshops, the ETHGlobal Istanbul Hackathon was a testament to the ingenuity of the web3 community.

Brimming with groundbreaking ideas, our builders went above and beyond, making it a truly memorable event. Now, we proudly announce the winners who have set new standards in the Push Protocol challenge.

Reflecting on the success of ETHGlobal Istanbul x Push, we're excited to share the remarkable achievements of our winners.

Pushing Boundaries in Web3 Innovation β€” Meet the Winners of ETHGlobal Istanbul's Push Protocol Challenge​

As the vibrant city of Istanbul buzzed with the energy of blockchain enthusiasts and innovators this November, ETHGlobal Istanbul emerged as a beacon of creativity in the web3 universe. This event was not just a hackathon; it was a celebration of groundbreaking ideas and pioneering spirits. With a mix of bounties, hands-on workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities, the stage was set for developers to showcase their prowess in leveraging the Push Protocol – a cornerstone in web3 communication.

1. πŸ† Merhaba Push Protocol-$2,000 (Winner: Rely)​

Rely stands out in the decentralized application (dApp) landscape, particularly in the social media sector. The project focuses on enhancing user interactions within a secure, decentralized environment. By bridging social media functionalities with blockchain technology, Rely offers a platform for seamless and efficient user engagement.

The use of the Push Protocol in Rely marks a significant advancement in user experience. It enables the delivery of real-time notifications, essential for keeping users informed and connected. Customizable notification settings and the introduction of a chat feature with conditional gating access demonstrate Rely's commitment to user-centric innovation. These features not only improve communication but also bring a new level of personalization and security to the platform.

Project Link: Rely on ETHGlobal

2. πŸ† Turkish Ice Cream β€” Creative Bounty-$2,500 (Winner: Pixel)​

Pixel is redefining the NFT community experience with its innovative chat platform. Designed for secure and dynamic interactions, Pixel allows users to connect, converse, and engage in digital asset trading with ease. The platform's standout feature is its seamless integration of a trading mechanism within the chat interface, enabling a variety of asset swaps, from NFT-to-NFT to NFT-to-token exchanges. This integration not only simplifies the trading process but also enriches the community interaction by adding a layer of versatility and user engagement.

Pixel's integration of the Push Protocol plays a pivotal role in enhancing off-chain messaging. This incorporation is meticulously designed with custom chat components, allowing for efficient handling of NFT token exchanges and orders. The use of Push Protocol contributes significantly to the user experience, providing reliable and instant communication within the community.

This technical sophistication, combined with a suite of smart contracts for various functionalities, exemplifies Pixel’s commitment to security and trust in the NFT space. The project's innovative use of technology has rightly earned it the 'Creative Bounty' prize, showcasing its potential to revolutionize NFT community interactions.

Project Link: Pixel on ETHGlobal

3. πŸ† Push Chat Conditional Gating Integration for DApps-$2,500 (Winner: zkmap)​

zkMap offers a novel proof-of-location system that allows users to authenticate their presence in a specific area without revealing their exact location. This mobile application enables the creation of location proofs, viewable on a map, enhancing services requiring location authentication. Its versatility extends to various use cases, from event attendance verification to legal and security applications, demonstrating a wide-ranging impact.

Integrating the Push Protocol, zkMap has developed a private group chat program, enhancing its proof-of-location infrastructure. This integration utilizes the Conditional Gateway functionality, allowing access to private chat rooms based on users' location proofs. The platform's innovative approach in using Push Protocol exemplifies its commitment to secure and contextual communication, aligning with its recognition for the 'Push Chat Conditional Gating Integration for DApps' prize.

Project Link: zkmap on ETHGlobal

4. πŸ† Cappadocia Hot air Balloon-$3,000 (Winners: Pulse and GenieAI)​

  • Project : Pulse​

    Pulse, a mobile-first social app, revolutionizes content engagement through a dynamic recommendation engine. It customizes your feed based on social interactions, offering a unique, swipe-based user experience that prioritizes quality content.

    Incorporating the Push Protocol, Pulse enhances user engagement by notifying content creators when their posts are liked or superliked. This integration plays a crucial role in enriching the social experience, ensuring creators are promptly informed about the reception of their content. Pulse's innovative use of the Push Protocol complements its user-centric design, contributing to a more connected and responsive social platform.

    Project Link: Pulse on ETHGlobal

  • Project : GenieAI​

    GenieAI emerges as a versatile AI marketplace, offering users access to a range of AI services from legal advice to health consultation, all within a private and anonymous environment. This innovative platform allows users to interact with AI experts without compromising their data, addressing the need for confidential and secure AI model utilization.

    The integration of the Push Protocol in GenieAI enhances user experience significantly. It notifies users via their ETH address when their AI requests are processed, maintaining anonymity and privacy. This seamless incorporation of Push notifications ensures timely updates, adding efficiency to the platform’s service delivery. GenieAI's smart use of Push Protocol exemplifies its commitment to user privacy and advanced technology application.

    Project Link: GenieAI on ETHGlobal


ETHGlobal Istanbul has been a remarkable journey, where innovation met opportunity in the web3 space. This event wasn't just about competition; it was a canvas for the brightest minds to demonstrate the versatility of Push Protocol in transforming communication.

The spectrum of projects, from social initiatives to creative marvels, truly elevated the standard. Showcasing diverse applications of Push Protocol, these developers proved that in the realm of web3, the only limit is imagination. Their achievements highlight the boundless potential of Push Protocol, shaping the future of decentralized communication.

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Push is the communication protocol of web3. Push protocol enables cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services tied to wallet addresses in an open, gasless, and platform-agnostic fashion. The open communication layer allows any crypto wallet / frontend to tap into the network and get the communication across.

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