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Message type - File

Enables sending single file or attachement as a message. You will need to pass the file as base64. Base64 is a method for encoding binary data into ASCII text.

//, message)
// This section focuses on customization parameters for 'message' object
const aliceMessagesBob = await, {
type: 'File',
content: '{"content":"data:application/pdf;base64,JVBERi0xLjQKJ}',

Important - Files less than 1 MB are currently supported.

Customization parameters‚Äč

When sending a message, you can customize the following params

recipientstring--Recipient supports a number of address format including wallet address, chain agnostic wallet address, NFT addresses or even chatid which is useful in groups
messageobject--Configuration for message to be sent
-message.typeFileTextType of message Content
-message.contentstring-Message Content

Note: Parameters in this style are mandatory.