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Intro to Push Chat

Push Chat is a web3 messaging protocol that allows wallet addresses to send and receive messages without the need for traditional personal identifiers like phone numbers, email addresses, etc. It offers an enhanced layer of security and privacy compared to conventional messaging apps and allows for experiences that can only be achieved by native web3 messaging including the ability to create token gated experiences, chat anonymously, tie your communication to your keys and more!

Why Push Chat?

Push Chat protocol enables seamless experience in messaging among web3 wallets. It's secure, encrypted, stored on IPFS and enables a shared (interoperable) chat experience. It allows Wallet addresses (or other form of identities like NFTs) which are akin to web3 usernames to finally have communication capabilities. It also opens up some of the native Web3 experiences not possible before, such as —

  • Sending dms with different message types like GIFs, Embeds, Payments, etc
  • Enabling web3 native chat on your frontend without the user going to any other platform
  • Creating groups for communities
  • Conditional/Gated access for joining of the group or sending message
  • Enabling re-engagement via push notifications protocol and providing Web2 UI (Like Whatsapp or Telegram)
  • Cross-chain compatibility including EVMs, non-EVMS, Wallet addresses, NFT profiles, etc
  • Video / Audio calls in either dm or in group

How Push Chat works?

All communication from Push Chat is signed and validated by a set of nodes, which are together called Push Network. Read understanding Push Chat in detail for a detailed explanation of its architecture, spam control, decentralization efforts and more!


Message Types

Messaging with Push

Best way to understand Push Chat is to interact with it directly. To get started —

  1. Head to
  2. Login with your wallet, ENS, UD or NFT. Push supports multiple identities including —
  1. Start chatting.
  2. Alternatively, you can also use any of the list of growing partners to experience chat on —

Integrated Push Chat on mainnet? Write to us to get included in the list


As a grassroot project, Push believes that combined, collaborative effort will lead to innovations and will keep pushing the boundaries of Web3. We work with these partners constantly to try out new features, ease development efforts of developers and develop new standards and features!