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Intro to Push Notification

Push Protocol provides a robust and decentralized push notification to wallet addresses. This product enables web3 projects, dapps, smart contracts, or any web3 services to send push notifications to their users in real time through an open, interoperable yet secure network.

Why Push Notification?

Push is building the communication layer for Web3, using which any dApp, smart contract, or backend can send any real-time notifications that are tied directly to a user's wallet address (aka Web3 usernames).

This addresses a major gap in the Web3 infrastructure and improves the everyday experience for blockchain users. The notifications (or any other communications) are off-chain and gasless for all scenarios except when a smart contract sends them (in which case the smart contract pays a slightly higher gas fee for the payload that is sent on the blockchain).

How Push Notification works?

The very first step to send a notifciation is to create a channel on Push which activates themselves as a service on Push Protocol. All notifications from a channel is signed and validated by a set of nodes, which are together called Push Network. Read understanding Push Notification in detail for a detailed explanation of its architecture, spam control, decentralization efforts and more!


Notifications with Push

Push was started from ETHGlobal 2020 and have pioneered the web3 notification and communication era which we believe is crucial to take Web3 to billion users. Though, hunderds of integration / partners / collaborators of Push are the real heroes here —