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Create channel overview

This API is useful for creating a channel, which is the first step for sending a notification on Push Protocol.

Create channel API

Any protocol that wants to send a notification to their users needs to create a channel. A wallet can only have one channel.

const response = await{
name: 'Test Channel',
description: 'Test Description',
icon: '',
url: '',

Create channel parameters

optionsobject--Configuration options for creating a channel
-options.namestring-The name of the channel
-options.descriptionstring-A description of the channel
-options.iconstring (base64 encoded)-The channel's icon in base64 encoded string format
-options.urlstring-The URL associated with the channel
-options.aliasstring-alias address in in chain specific wallet format
-options.progresshook(progress) => void-A callback function that's called during channel creation progress, see progress object

Note: Parameters in this style are mandatory.

Expected response
transactionHash: '0x0232fb66e2cb41c291ca10af4aa3ad0bc515adcea34de0f456db10306db89677';

Create channel progress object parameters

Optional: Informs about individual progress stages during channel creation if progresshook is function is passed during channel creation API call.

progressobject--progress object that is passed in the callback
-Progress.idstring-Predefined, ID associated with the progress objects
-Progress.levelstring-Predefined, Level associated with the progress objects
-Progress.titlestring-Predefined, title associated with the progress objects
-Progress.infostring-Predefined, info associated with the progress objects

Progress object details
PUSH-CHANNEL-CREATE-01INFOUploading data to IPFSThe channel’s data is getting uploaded to IPFS
PUSH-CHANNEL-CREATE-02INFOApproving PUSH tokensGives approval to Push Core contract to spend 50 $PUSH
PUSH-CHANNEL-CREATE-03INFOChannel is getting createdCalls Push Core contract to create your channel
PUSH-CHANNEL-CREATE-04SUCCESSChannel creation is done, Welcome to Push EcosystemChannel creation is completed
PUSH-CHANNEL-UPDATE-01INFOUploading new data to IPFSThe channel’s new data is getting uploaded to IPFS
PUSH-CHANNEL-UPDATE-02INFOApproving PUSH tokensGives approval to Push Core contract to spend 50 $PUSH
PUSH-CHANNEL-UPDATE-03INFOChannel is getting updatedCalls Push Core contract to update your channel details
PUSH-CHANNEL-UPDATE-04SUCCESSChannel is updated with new dataChannel is successfully updated
PUSH-ERROR-02ERRORTransaction failed for a function callTransaction failed