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Important Concepts

Before you begin sending your web3 native notifications from your protocol to wallets. It's important to learn few core concepts to help understand it better.

What is a Channel?

Any protocol that activates itself on Push protocol is known as a channel and gains the capability of sending notifications.

The creation of a channel is a one-time process. Channel creation happens on the Ethereum blockchain and any other chains you want the channel to be.

Note: One wallet address can only create one channel only the protocol.

Who can send notifications?

1. Channel Owners: The owners of a particular channel can send notifications to their subscribers.

2. Channel Delegates: Channel owners can allow any particular wallet address to send notifications on behalf of their channel.

How to receive notifications?

Push ties notifications (and all other forms of communication) to your wallet in an open yet secure way. This means that notifications can be received by any crypto wallets or crypto frontend that has integrated Push Protocol. Here are some of our favorites!

Types of supported wallet address (Account)

Push Notification is chain agnostic and supports multiple wallet standards. Please see supported wallet standards for more info.