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Integrate Notifications via AWS SNS


Notifications via AWS SNS is more of a Web2.5 approach than Web3. Do check out integrating notifications section for your frontend to see other recommended ways for integrating notifications on your frontend.

SNS module for Push delivery node allows any developer to receive notifications, chats, or any other form of web3 communication directly to the platform they are building with the help of webhooks.

Hosted SNS Module is a mid-level solution that eliminates all the heavy load of running a node or syncing information and gives you webhooks that you implement to start receiving notifications, chats, or any other web3 communication in your software.

Integration process

Integrating the SNS module into your code takes less than 10 mins and contains just 3 steps:

Step 1️⃣ - Implement webhook

Implement a webhook to listen to AWS SNS. Here’s a boilerplate along with specs to get you npm installed and running.

Step 2️⃣ - Test endpoint

You will need to open an endpoint either at a dedicated IP that listens to SNS or, if you are testing locally, have to expose the public endpoint for which tons of software is available.


For testing locally, You can also use ngrok to expose the public endpoint. If you use this with the boilerplate, the port needs to be 6000. The ngrok URL is now the SNS endpoint required in step 3.

Step 3️⃣ - Get whitelisted

Once you set up this, you need to contact us by either shouting / tagging us on Push Discord server. We need this as the SNS module requires whitelisting of your webhook endpoint.

Push SNS Boilerplate

For your reference, here's Push AWS SNS boilerplate which can be used as a starting point to consume the feeds from the Push SNS Topic.

Here’s a timelapse of how everything works… see you on the other side 😃

Timelapse gif of Push AWS SNS boilerplate setup

SNS Sample Messages

Subscription Confirmation

This is a one-time message confirming if the SNS subscription is successful.


These are the actual notifications which need to be delivered to the end users.

Type: 'Notification',
MessageId: '62918f56-9bce-5497-a23e-d422c782a01d',
TopicArn: 'arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:293359341249:dev-epns-notifications',
Message: '{"sid":121,"users":["0x35B84d6848D16415177c64D64504663b998A6ab4"],"payload":{"apns":{"payload":{"aps":{"category":"withappicon","mutable-content":1,"content-available":1}},"fcm_options":{"image":""}},"data":{"app":"Shunya","sid":"121","url":"","acta":"","aimg":"","amsg":"Your portfolio is up by 0.08% since yesterday.","asub":"Assets Daily","icon":"","type":"3","epoch":"1660554419","appbot":"0","hidden":"0","secret":""},"android":{"notification":{"icon":"@drawable/ic_stat_name","color":"#e20880","image":"","default_vibrate_timings":true}},"notification":{"body":"Your portfolio is up by 0.08% since yesterday.","title":"Shunya - Assets Daily"}},"epoch":"1660554419","topic":"Notification","subtopic":"Channel"}',
Timestamp: '2022-08-15T14:37:00.408Z',
SignatureVersion: '1',
Signature: 'iqnfhnF/SsQYaqVrhAjWlCFWYoeMSftRLRrkkxje3CppCNm/CATg13ljIz0tChVa7OJEoaVI/tpUERiuhZ9wxuGmDI6ReaGORam4Yda4CC0HqfitqYG8M0AamScXgiqN9hgcGHbbitYQWWIp2vmFKC+P1j9Hq9Lz19fBlHz1/9hJwHlRfKDADqh1I15wERZZGGUu//Z+S6bnJ9k2JrektKDNRukSihSU1u07563RirE+EJ6TCxQGUY4GzuuwlOu6vj9ESsVE4mBdfxnmNLsZoVBl87KHg7/z9Uh1IJTqkdRyN5+XXg4XDE1puYr9qypfhk8abmZQIrn5obrHDe+ZBQ==',
SigningCertURL: '',
UnsubscribeURL: ''

The Message is the field in the above JSON is the actual notification sent from the Push in JSON stringified format.


When converted to JSON, a sample message looks like the one below.

"sid": 121,
"users": ["0x35B84d6848D16415177c64D64504663b998A6ab4"],
"sender": "0x35B84d6848D16415177c64D64504663b998A6ab4",
"payload": {
"data": {
"app": "Shunya",
"sid": "121",
"url": "",
"acta": "",
"aimg": "",
"amsg": "Your portfolio is up by 0.08% since yesterday.",
"asub": "Assets Daily",
"icon": "",
"type": "3",
"epoch": "1660554419",
"appbot": "0",
"hidden": "0",
"secret": ""
"notification": {
"body": "Your portfolio is up by 0.08% since yesterday.",
"title": "Shunya - Assets Daily"
"epoch": "1660554419",
"topic": "Notification",
"subtopic": "Channel"
  • sid - unique id from the push
  • users - list of wallet addresses for which the notification needs to be delivered
  • payload - an actual payload that needs to be delivered to the user's device
  • epoch - timestamp when the payload is generated
  • topic - the type of payload, i.e. Notification, Chat etc
  • subtopic - mode of delivery, i.e. Channel or User level