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Effortless Modal Integration: Add a modal to create group effortlessly with CreateGroupModal.

Creating groups becomes a straightforward task with this modal component, completely eliminating the need to concern yourself with its functionality. By simply passing an onClose method for the modal, you can effortlessly integrate it into your application. This versatility allows you to create both gated and non-gated groups without any hassle.


import { CreateGroupModal } from "@pushprotocol/uiweb";

const CreateGroupModalTest = () => {
return (
<CreateGroupModal onClose={()=>{console.log('closes the modal')}}/>

export default CreateGroupModalTest;

Customization parameters

onClosefunction-Function to perfom any task on clicking the cancel or cross button on the modal
modalBackgroundModalBackgroundType-Default value is "OVERLAY", decides the create group modal background, possible values are "OVERLAY" &#124 "BLUR" &#124 "TRANSPARENT"
modalPositionTypeModalPositionType-Default value is "GLOBAL", decides the create group modal position, it can be either relative to immediate parent(RELATIVE) or the entire screen(GLOBAL), possible values are "RELATIVE" &#124 "GLOBAL"

Note: Parameters in this style are mandatory.

Note: Refer ChatUIProvider for details on its paramters.

Push CreateGroupModal Component live playground